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Auto Alignments in Rockville, MD

When your steering feels a little off and you think it may be an alignment issue, come to Premier Auto Collision Center for precision auto alignments in Rockville, MD. We offer professional work at competitive rates that will leave your car driving smoother than ever before. We have more than 50 years of experience in auto body repairs, handling anything from frame repair to Collison repair. With such a background in quality repairs, we are the name to trust for car alignments when something does feel quite right.

Wheel alignment is an incredibly important aspect of you vehicle to maintain. Your ability to safely handle your car depends upon the steering capabilities being in perfect condition. From accidents to regular usage, your car's alignment can go out at any time, decreasing your ability to appropriately react to situations on the road. Vehicle alignment also increases the longevity of your car's entire system, so come by today for a free estimate on all repair costs.

Auto Alignment in Rockville, MD

Signs You Need Wheel Alignment

Your car's suspension is there to ensure you get a smooth, comfortable ride out of your automobile. It also aids in the overall handling of your vehicle, from turning to driving over rough terrain. The simple act of driving puts a lot of stress on the suspension, causing it to wear down over time. This negatively affects the overall performance of your car. So how do you know when your car needs our expert wheel alignment?

If you feel your vehicle leaning in a certain direction or swaying when you change lanes, bring your car into our auto body shop to have it diagnosed. Our expert technicians determine if you need an alignment. Pay careful attention to the way your ride handles for any of the following signs:

• Fluid Leaks
• Uneven Tire Wear
• Dented or Damaged Shocks or Struts
• Power Steering Issues
• Breaking Causes the Front of Your Car
   to Point Downward

Extensive Car Alignments After a Wreck

One of the most common causes of wheel alignment issues is car accidents. Even minor fender-benders send shockwaves through your frame that impact every component of your vehicle. When an auto collision has caused damage to your frame, your alignment will inevitably be thrown out of line. Our mechanics utilize specialized tools to get everything back in working order after a wreck. We align everything from the wheels to the frame to ensure your car drives perfectly when you take it home. From the way it looks and handles, you'll never be able to tell it was in a wreck.

Contact us to get your ride driving straight and smooth with our auto alignments. We proudly serve customers in Rockville, North Bethesda, Kensington, Bethesda, and Potomac, Maryland, and the surrounding area.

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