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Auto Frame Repair in Rockville, MD

Following any wreck, minor or severe, it is of the utmost importance that you visit a professional to ensure that your car's frame was not compromised in the accident. Our auto frame repair in Rockville, MD, is backed by more than 50 years of experience handling collision repair with care. The certified technicians at Premier Auto Collision Center are experts at correcting any structural damage your ride might have sustained in an accident. Our car frame repair shop is dedicated to getting you back on the road quickly without sacrificing safety.

By coming to us after a wreck, you are guaranteed top-quality auto frame straightening service form professional mechanics. We will carefully evaluate the extent of damage caused to your frame and offer you a free estimate on the repair costs. Whenever a wreck occurs, weak points form in the structure of your car and lead to various types of structural damage that you might not even notice at first. However, these problems compound over time, causing long-term damage that leads to catastrophe down the line.

Car after an Accident in Rockville, MD

Incomparable Car Frame Repair Shop

From serious frame bending to minor points of weakness, there is nothing our car frame repair shop can't fix. It doesn't matter if your frame is mildly dinged or completely crumpled, we get it back into working condition with unmatched quality. All of our work is backed by the best warranty in the area, ensuring that your car rests on good foundations when it hits the road. Damage to your frame undermines every aspect of your vehicle's safety, so don't wait to come get a free estimate on its repairs.

Extensive Auto Frame Repair

For bigger auto frame repair jobs that require extensive straightening of the frame, count on us to get everything back in working order. We utilize the latest techniques to get severely crumpled frames straightened out in no time. Your safety is our greatest concern, so trust in us to do a thorough, professional job that will eliminate any evidence that the wreck ever occurred. Remember, a straight frame means a safe car.

When is it Time to Get Auto Frame Straightening

Besides major wrecks that leave your frame very obviously bent, there are several situations in which it might be appropriate to seek auto frame straightening. Even tiny fender-benders cause almost unperceivable damage to your frame, which over time compound into more serious problems. Improperly straightened frames also cause long-term issues, so if you have recently had your car repaired, but are experiencing issues with your car's ride, come by for free diagnostics. Issues that may indicate a need for frame repair include:

Tire Wear • Vibrations • Alignment Issues • Tire Tracking Problems

Contact us today for safe and reliable auto frame repair. We proudly serve drivers in Gaithersburg, Deerwood, Aspen Hill, Wheaton, and Silver Spring, Maryland, and the surrounding area.